Please Help Us Prepare for the Coronavirus

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Meals on Wheels Shaker Heights, Beachwood and University Heights


Dear Friends of Meals on Wheels,

Even in these uncertain times, our organization is certain that we must continue to provide nutritious meals to our subscribers.

  • As of today, we are getting the prepared foods from the kitchen at McGregor Home.
  • As of today, we have volunteers working to assemble and deliver meals.
  • As of today, no one is quarantined.
  • But as of today, we’re not sure what will happen tomorrow.

In preparing for tomorrow, Meals on Wheels is planning to put together back-up meal kits, and we are asking for your help.


We deliver around 100 meals each week. We hope to provide up to two weeks of back-up meals. Each back-up meal will include items such as easy-to-heat soups, protein, fruit, a beverage, bread and butter at the cost of $10.00 per meal.

Please visit our donations page to donate online right now or to find out how to mail in a donation.

Your generous contributions will help us give our subscribers, their families and caregivers, and ourselves peace of mind.

Thank you.

The Board of Directors

Meals on Wheels
Shaker Heights, Beachwood, and University Heights


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