Cleveland Jewish News Interview with MOW Shaker President, Dale Braun

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Staff Reporter: Skylar Dubelko

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Earlier this month, our Meals on Wheels chapter President, Dale Braun, was interviewed by the Cleveland Jewish News about his role in the organization as well as the overall role Meals on Wheels plays in our local community. Dale has served as the President of the Shaker Heights, Beachwood & University Heights chapter of MOW for about two years.

In this article, Braun answers questions about how Meals on Wheels works, what we’re doing to try to reach more people in the area, how local businesses like Geraci’s are supporting the cause, and how others (like you!) can help.

When asked what most people don’t realize about Meals on Wheels, Braun shared this:

Most people don’t realize that we’re self-funded and subscriber funded. We’ve never been funded by the government, at least not our chapter. The other thing that people don’t realize is that this isn’t just for people that are on a limited income. This can be for anybody that just needs a nutritious meal delivered to their home. For example, if someone just had hip surgery and they get released and they go home, but they can’t necessarily get up to make their own lunch or dinner, we can provide that for them – even if it’s just for the next month. So it doesn’t have to be permanent and it doesn’t have to be low income, it can be people of any walk of life with different resources.”

Learn more about MOW volunteer opportunities right here on our website. And of course, donations are extremely helpful!

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